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MIT Inventor Lee Weinstein

Lee WeinsteinLee Weinstein has been inventing since he was 13 years old, when he invented a device that could answer the phone before it rang, so he and his friends could call each other in the middle of the night without their parents knowing. His later inventions included the electronic battle game now known as Laser Tag, and the electronic dog collar system now known as Radio Fence. After graduate school at MIT, Lee passed the US patent bar exam, became a licensed patent practitioner, and has since written and prosecuted his own patents on his inventions.

In line with his interest in helping people with his inventions, during graduate school, Lee became interested in healthcare innovation and did his master’s thesis designing heart monitors for hospital Intensive Care Units. While teaching at MIT and during his subsequent ventures, Lee has done over 2000 hours of volunteering as a healthcare advocate, including serving two years on the consumer council of Healthcare for All, a non-profit involved in drafting healthcare legislation.

Frustrated by financial conflicts of interest that sometimes prevent cost-saving innovations from becoming available through standard healthcare channels, after years of attempting to market the biofeedback headband through dentists, Lee formed Holistic Technologies in 2007 to make the biofeedback headband available as an option for people to eliminate TMJ-related pain and migraines. Lee has since personally assisted over 2000 people in using the biofeedback headband to eliminate significant pain and suffering from their lives.

SleepGuard Product Photos

Woman wearing SleepGuard headband

This photo shows how the SleepGuard biofeedback headband is worn during sleep. The elastic strap which holds the headband on is hidden by the model's hair.

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Woman wearing SleepGuard headband

This photo shows the SleepGuard biofeedback headband being worn while sitting. The elastic strap which holds the headband on is hidden by the model's hair.

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Woman turning on the SleepGuard headband

This photo illustrates how to turn on the SleepGuard biofeedback headband.

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New York Times Article, October 11, 2007 (Click to read)

Boom Times for Dentists, but Not for Teeth (New York Times, October 11, 2007)

A systematic review of the literature published in 2006 in Physical Therapy (Vol. 86:7, pp. 955-973) concluded that "Programs involving relaxation techniques and biofeedback, EMG [electromyography] training, and proprioceptive re-education may be more effective than placebo treatment or occlusal splints in decreasing pain and increasing TVO [total vertical opening] in people with acute or chronic myofascial or muscular TMD [temporomandibular disorder] in the short term and the long term."

WBZ Radio Interview, April 5, 2009 (Click to listen)

Holistic Technologies CEO Lee Weinstein was interviewed for an hour on the Jordan Rich show on WBZ AM 1030 on Sunday, April 5. Click here to listen to the interview.

Boston Herald Article, March 2, 2009 (Click to read)

Boston Herald Article

Measured Results From 92-Person Clinical Trial (Click to read)

Results from clinical trial

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